Lake or RiverLocationFeesCountyRestroomMotorized
Anderson Meadow ReservoirMap$19 Camping FeeBeaver CountyYesNonboat
Barney LakeMapSevier CountyYesNonboat
Bartholomew ParkMap$10 parking feeUtah CountyYesNonboat
Bear Lake State ParkMapRendezvous Beach $15/day - North Beach $5/dayCache CountyYesBoat
Bear RiverMapCache CountyNoNonboat
BlackridgeMapSalt Lake CountyYesNonboat
Boulder Mountain LakesMapWayne CountyYesNonboat
Bountiful LakeMapFreeDavis CountyYesNon Boat
Burraston PondsMapJuab CountyYesNonboat
Causey ReservoirMapFreeWeber CountyYesNonboat
Deer Creek State ParkMap$10 per weekdats $15 per weekend day and holidaysWasatch CountyYesBoat
Deer Valley Pebble BeachMapFreeWasatch CountyNoNon Boat
East Canyon ReservoirMap$15 per week day $20 per weekend dayMorgan CountyYesBoat
Echo ReservoirMap$6 per daySummit CountyYesBoat
Fairview LakesMapSanpete CountyYesNonboat
Fire Lake ParkMapFreeWashington CountyYesNonboat
Flaming GorgeMapUintah CountyYesBoat
Grantsville ReservoirMapTooele CountyYesNonboat
Great Salt LakeMap$5 per vehicleSalt Lake CountyYesBoat
Gunnison Bend ReservoirMapFreeMillard CountyYesNonboat
Highland Glen PondMapFreeUtah CountyYesNonboat
Holmes Creek ReservoirMapDavis CountyYesNonboat
Huntington State ParkMap$10 per dayCarbon CountyYesBoat
Jordanelle State ParkMap$10 per dayWasatch CountyYesBoat
Kens LakeMapSan Juan CountyYesNonboat
Lake at the HillsMapIron CountyYesNonboat
Lake PowellMap$30 per weekGarfield CountyYesBoat
Little Dell ReservoirMapSalt Lake CountyYesNonboat
Logan RiverMapCache CountyNoNonboat
Lost CreekMapMorgan CountyYesNonboat
Manila Creek PondMapFreeUtah CountyYesNonboat
Maple LakeMapUtah CountyYesNonboat
Mirror LakeMapDuchesne CountyYesNonboat
Moosehorn LakeMapDuchesne CountyYesNonboat
Palisade LakeMapSanpete CountyYesNonboat
Payson LakesMap$7 entrance feeUtah CountyYesNonboat
Pineview ReservoirMapContains both paid and fee access pointsWeber CountyYesBoat
Porcupine ReservoirMapCache CountyYesNonboat
Provo RiverMapUtah CountyNoNonboat
Quail Creek State ParkMap$15 per dayWashington CountyYesBoat
Rockport LakeMap$15 per daySummit CountyYesBoat
Sand Hollow State ParkMap$15 per dayWashington CountyYesBoat
Sevier RiverMapSevier CountyNoNonboat
Silver Lake Flat ReservoirMap$6 entry feeUtah CountyYesNonboat
Smith and MorehouseMapSummit CountyYesNonboat
Spanish Oaks ReservoirMapFreeUtah CountyYesNon Boat
Strawberry ReservoirMapWasatch CountyYesBoat
Tibble Fork ReservoirMapUtah CountyYesNonboat
Tony Grove LakeMap$7 per vehicleCache CountyLocated at a nearby campgroundNonboat
Utah Lake State ParkMap$10 per vehicleUtah CountyYesBoat
Weber RiverMapWeber CountyNoNonboat
Willard Bay State ParkMapBox Elder CountyYesBoat
Yuba Lake State ParkMap$10 per day $15 per weekend & holidayJuab CountyYesBoat